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Happy Birthday Misha Collins!



The wait is almost over! Only 55 days left until the season 10 premiere of Supernatural!

can.not.wait for Supernatural season 10 & to see Demon!Dean in action! This pic just makes me even more excited to see my boys on screen!

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Good night everyone!

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Crowley being the last one alive at the end of season 10 and right before the end credits you just see him holding a contract and he looks at the camera and says “Looks like your 10 years are up, love. Be sure to leave your feelings behind for the next show.”
and then he disappears and as the screen fades to black all you hear is barking and howling getting louder until one final growl is heard and then silence.



Hell No! Dx


to watch you leave him, Dean Winchester
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Happy birthday To the Moose.
Do you see these moves?

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When I logged in~

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Heat Wave

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